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Keycap Manufacturing

Custom Keycaps

Signature Plastics is a leading manufacturer of keycaps for custom keyboards, data input devices, and industrial equipment. Our products are used worldwide in a variety of industries, including point of sale, medical, banking and finance, gaming, and mobile data. Unique graphics, custom colors and proprietary shapes are all built to customer defined specifications.

We’ve worked with customers around the world to help design and manufacture custom keycaps and housings for a variety of electronic input devices. Because the designs and tooling for these projects are proprietary, the customer maintains exclusive rights to all manufactured products.

Our projects include:

+ Fuel-dispensing and payment system
+ S
ecurity systems for the retail industry
+ H
ome security systems
+ I
ndustrial controls for an air pollution monitoring system
+ A
utomated fare collection system for the transit industry
+ M
obile data collection system
+ P
arking control device
+ T
raffic flow recorder
+ T
oll collection system
+ B
usiness phone systems
+ D
igital video editing equipment
+ T
elevision broadcast and film production equipment
+ O
nline voting system
+ S
tate lottery systems

If you have a custom keycap requirement, please contact us. Our trained technical staff will help guide your project from the design and mold build stage through to the finished product.

Signature Plastics Standard Keycaps

Standard Keycaps

Keycap Manufacturing

Standard Keycaps

Signature Plastics specializes in two shot insert molded keycaps. While most customers prefer two shot molded keycaps due to the legend resistance to long-term finger wear, we also offer sublimation printed keys and pad printed keys.  Signature Plastics manufactures a variety of standard keycap families, each with their own distinguishing characteristics.

Family profiles can be low, medium, or high with a sculptured or non-sculptured look. Touch area finishes are typically semi-gloss or matte. The touch area itself may be either spherical, cylindrical or flat. A wide variety of keycap sizes are available, as well as specialty keys, such as J or L shapes, stepped keys, lens keys, homing bar or homing bump keys, block keys, and space bars. A wide assortment of molded in mount details are also available, depending on the type of key switch being used.

Standard Keycap Families:


DCS family: medium profile, cylindrical top, sculptured.

Download DCS PDF | Download DCS row guide


DSA family: medium profile, spherical top, non-sculptured.

Download DSA PDF


SA family: high profile, spherical top, sculptured.

Download SA PDF


LP family: low profile, cylindrical top, non-sculptured (specific to ML switch).

Download LP Family 13 PDFDownload LP Family 11 PDF


KT family: high profile, cylindrical top, non-sculptured.

Download KT PDF